SIST EN 14677:2008

Oznaka standarda: SIST EN 14677:2008
Koda projekta: 00322008
Organizacija: SIST
Naslov (angleški): Safety of machinery - Secondary steelmaking - Machinery and equipment for treatment of liquid steel
Naslov (slovenski): Varnost strojev - Sekundarna metalurgija - Stroji in oprema za obdelavo tekočega jekla
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SIST EN 14677:2008 angleški jezik Active SIST-J: 96.80 EUR
Tehnični odbor: I13 - Imaginarni 13
ICS: 13.110 77.180
Status: Objavljen
Objavljen: 01-Jul-2008
Refer. št. objave: Sporočila 2008-07/08
Referenčna oznaka: EN 14677:2008
Področje projekta (angleško): This European Standard specifies the general safety requirements for secondary steelmaking machinery and equipment (SSE) as defined in 3.1 to treat liquid steel. This European Standard covers machinery and equipment involved in the treatment process of liquid steel under vacuum or atmospheric pressure. This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events pertinent to SSE, when used as intended and under conditions foreseen by the manufacturer, but also includes foreseeable faults and malfunctions in case of misuse. This European Standard specifies the requirements to ensure the safety of persons which are to be met during the design, assembly, transport, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the equipment. This European Standard assumes that SSE are operated and maintained by adequately trained and competent personnel. Manual intervention for setting, adjustment and maintenance is accepted as part of the normal use of the equipment. NOTE 1 Annex B shows examples of SSE. The following equipment is not covered by the scope of this European Standard: - cranes; - fork lift trucks or other transporting equipment; - ladles; - equipment for relining and preheating in the relining area; - burners according EN 746-2; - dust and fume exhaust systems. NOTE 2 Significant hazards and hazardous situations due to transporting/positioning of heavy components, e. g., by cranes (e. g., ladles, vessels, covers) are considered in this standard (see 5.2.3). This European Standard is not applicable to SSE manufactured before the date of publication of this standard in the Official Journal.

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