SIST EN 13816:2003

Oznaka standarda: SIST EN 13816:2003
Koda projekta: 00320012
Organizacija: SIST
Naslov (angleški): Transportation - Logistics and services - Public passenger transport - Service quality definition, targeting and measurement
Naslov (slovenski): Transport - Logistika in storitve - Javni prevoz potnikov - Določitev kakovosti, cilji in merjenje kakovosti storitev
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SIST EN 13816:2003 angleški jezik Active SIST-H: 78.65 EUR
Tehnični odbor: I13 - Imaginarni 13
ICS: 01.040.03 03.220.01
Status: Objavljen
Objavljen: 01-maj-2003
Refer. št. objave: Sporocila 2003-05-01
Referenčna oznaka: EN 13816:2002
Področje projekta (angleško): This European Standard specifies the requirement to define, target and measure quality of service in public passenger transport (PPT), and provides guidance for the selection of related measurement methods. It is intended to be used by service providers in the presentation and monitoring of their services but is also recommended for use by authorities and agencies responsible for the procurement of PPT services in the preparation of invitations to tender. Its use promotes the translation of customer expectations and perceptions of quality into viable, measurable, and manageable quality parameters. It is recognized that a single individual or company, or two or more parties sharing the responsibility for the provision of a PPT service in co-operation (e.g. authority and operator) may, in practice, seek to comply with the standard. In the latter situation, it is strongly recommended that the relationship between the parties be governed by a formal agreement (clause 5.2). It is important to note that it is the service, not the service provider, which is in compliance with the standard. Annex A sets out the comprehensive list of quality criteria. Annex B provides a glossary of terms. Annex C deals with aspects of performance measurement. The standard is intended to be applicable to PPT services, as defined in clause 2.1 but need not exclude other transport services (e.g. charter and taxi systems).

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