SIST EN ISO 21365:2020

Oznaka standarda: SIST EN ISO 21365:2020
Koda projekta: 00444236
Organizacija: SIST
Naslov (angleški): Soil quality - Conceptual site models for potentially contaminated sites (ISO 21365:2019)
Naslov (slovenski): Kakovost tal - Konceptualni modeli območij za domnevno onesnažena območja (ISO 21365:2019)
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SIST EN ISO 21365:2020 angleški jezik Active SIST-I: 85.91 EUR
Tehnični odbor: KAT - Karakterizacija tal, odpadkov in blata
ICS: 13.080.01
Status: Objavljen
Objavljen: 01-nov-2020
Refer. št. objave: Sporocila 2020-11
Referenčna oznaka: EN ISO 21365:2020
Področje projekta (angleško): This document provides guidance on developing and using conceptual site models (CSMs) through the various phases of investigation, remediation (if required), and any subsequent construction or engineering works. It describes what CSMs are, what they are used for and what their constituents are. It stresses the need for an iterative and dynamic approach to CSM development. This document is intended to be used by all those involved in developing CSMs and by those who rely on using them such as regulators, landowners, developers, and the public (and other relevant parties). Ideally, this includes representatives from all phases of the investigative and remedial processes, for example, preliminary assessment, detailed investigation, baseline human health and environmental risk assessments, and feasibility study, and, any subsequent construction or engineering work. NOTE 1 This document is applicable whenever the presence of "potentially harmful" or "hazardous" substances are present irrespective of whether they are naturally occurring or present due to human activity (i.e. are "contaminants"). NOTE 2 Although most of the principles described for developing CSMs in this document can apply to other domains, such as groundwater resources management, the present document is specifically written for the management of potentially contaminated sites or known contaminated sites.

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