SIST EN 17210:2021

Oznaka standarda: SIST EN 17210:2021
Koda projekta: JT011001
Organizacija: SIST
Naslov (angleški): Accessibility and usability of the built environment - Functional requirements
Naslov (slovenski): Dostopnost in uporabnost grajenega okolja - Funkcionalne zahteve
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SIST EN 17210:2021 angleški jezik Active SIST-U: 194.81 EUR
Tehnični odbor: I11 - Imaginarni 11
ICS: 91.040.01
Status: Objavljen
Objavljen: 01-Mar-2021
Refer. št. objave: Sporocila 2021-03
Referenčna oznaka: EN 17210:2021
Področje projekta (angleško): This document describes basic, common minimum functional requirements and recommendations for an accessible and usable built environment, following the Design for All/Universal Design principles which will facilitate equitable and safe use for a wide range of users, including persons with disabilities. The requirements and recommendations given in this document are applicable across the full spectrum of the built environment. These functional accessibility and usability requirements and recommendations are relevant to the design, construction, refurbishment or adaptation, and maintenance of built environments including outdoor pedestrian and urban areas. NOTE 1 Design for All and Universal Design share a similar inclusive design philosophy. "Universal Design" means the design of products, environments, programmes and services to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. "Universal Design" does not exclude assistive devices for particular groups of persons with disabilities where this is needed. NOTE 2 Terms such as "design for all", "universal design", "accessible design", "barrier-free design", "inclusive design" and "transgenerational design" are often used interchangeably with the same meaning. NOTE 3 This document does not cover management and maintenance issues, but provides basic information in Annex B. NOTE 4 All figures are provided as examples. They are described by their title and key and do not provide additional information. Some figures show negative examples to be avoided; these are identified by the insertion of a red cross on them. A list of all the figures included is this standard is given in the informative Annex C.

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